There are countless ways that you can show your support by organising an event on behalf of KIDS, whether it be hosting a bake sale or throwing a themed party. We understand that lots of time and energy must go into hosting your own event, but we will be with you every step of the way to help make your fundraising activities a great success.


All of the funds that you will raise during your event go directly to supporting disabled children and their families. Whether the event is big or small, casual or formal, you will  be making a huge contribution to KIDS and ultimately helping to bring comfort and support to those in need.

When organising an event, thinking of what the actual event should be can sometimes be the hardest part. In the past, our supporters have organised lots of different events, from barbecues to Christmas parties and many more. Here is a general list of some possible events that you could put together.

  • Quiz night: Bring your family and friends together at a local pub for a night of fun trivia and drinks. Make sure to tell the staff that the event is for charity, and you might get the space for free. Here is a KIDS quiz sheet you can use for free. Check out our top tips here

  • Party night: Get dressed up and attend a formal party or ball with family and friends, or even advertise it to the wider public. Pick a theme, decide on decorations, venue, date, ticket price and entertainment, and have a ball!


  • Supermarket collections: Get in touch with your local supermarket and see if you can hold a fundraiser there. Once given permission, contact us so that we can send you everything you need to get started.


  • Bake sale: Throw on your apron and get baking! Make sure to choose a busy location and time of day, and advertise your event on social media and through flyers. After packaging the goodies and establishing a price system, get in the kitchen and get baking! Check out our top tips here


  • Running marathons: Sign up to run any of the various marathons happening throughout the UK and abroad. While running may not be for everyone, knowing that you’re doing it for a good cause will encourage you to get out there and give it your all!


  • Car wash: One of the most tried and true methods of fundraising, a car wash is a simple yet effective way to meet your goals. Organise some volunteers, pick a busy location, make some bright and colourful signs and you should be washing cars and bringing in donations in no time. Check out our top tips here

  • Raffle: Organising a raffle can be one of the most profitable ways to fundraise, as many of the prizes can be donated by friends, family and local businesses. Make sure that your raffle follows legal regulations, which are discussed in more detail in our fundraising pack. Gather an audience that seems likely to be interested in the prizes, accurately price your tickets, and make sure to promote the raffle in order to make it as successful as possible! Check out our top tips here

  • Barbecue: Gather your family and friends and, if the weather is nice, spend some time outside cooking some delicious barbecue food on the grill.  KIDS have organised several highly successful barbecue’s in the past, they are a brilliant way to socialise and spread awareness about the great cause you are fundraising for.


    Hopefully this list has inspired you to get out there and start planning your event! There are many other ways you can support KIDS, but organising your own event is one of the best ways to get involved in your community, widen your skillset and make friends. Your support is highly appreciated and we are happy to use our knowledge of fundraising to assist you every step of the way.

    Not interested in putting on any of the above?

    Here are some unique ideas you can try:

    Art Sale

    Chili Cook Off 

    Coffee Morning

    Film Night

    Game Night

        Girls Night 

        Guess the Baby Photo

        Lads Night

        Rubber Duck Race

        Silent Auction

        Social Media Awareness

        T-shirt Selling

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