“Our volunteering experience was a great success. Not only did we gain a sense of achievement to make an obvious difference to the site we were working at, but it was also a great opportunity to build on team spirit and camaraderie. We returned to the office safe in the knowledge that we had made a difference.”  RBS volunteer

Employee Volunteering with KIDS not only offers valuable support to our various sites but also gives participants the opportunity to give back to the community, demonstrate different skills and abilities and allows different departments to work together to support disabled children.

We have a plethora of wide-ranging opportunities for teams of volunteers at KIDS and 35-40 employee volunteering days each year. From maintaining our playgrounds to chaperoning sibling trips we can find a project to suit your company’s needs. For more information please fill out the contact form below or send an email to Josie Hough to register your interest.

Alternatively you can complete our volunteering form