Our Early Years provision offers a range of services for disabled and non-disabled children aged between 0 and 5 years old. The services encourage children to play together and have fun whilst also promoting vital motor skills and communication development.

As part of this service, we also provide support for parents to develop the necessary skills to help care for their children and promote their development.

Our Early Years services:

  1. Hull Sensory Group
  2. Learn to talk together - St John the baptist church
  3. Learn to talk together - Marfleet children's centre
  4. Learn to talk together -Fenchurch children's centre
  5. Learn to talk together - Astra Youth club
  6. Lincolnshire Early Years support and learning provision
  7. Doddington Green children's centre
  8. Fareham Nursery
  9. Basingstoke Nursery
  10. Wakefield Specialist Childcare
  11. Wylde Green Nursery