The support we offer is given to those whose lives are restricted in some way because they are supporting a person who is ill, has a disability, mental illness or is misusing a substance.  This could include a parent, sibling or close family member.  This allows the young carer to take time out for themselves, socialise with people who share similar experiences and help them cope with the demands placed on them as carers.

How does the service work?

We run a weekly group from our centre where young people can take some time out for themselves.  We run activities from the centre around what it's like to be a young carer, working out strategies for coping with the added stresses and offering help and advice.  As well as this we offer more relaxed sessions where young people can take part in an art or sports activity, play on games consoles or just have a chill out.  We have professionals in to deliver activities as well as going out into the community and accessing services such as bowling, laser quest and meals out.

Who is the service for?

Any young person aged between 13 to 18 that has any caring responsibilities for someone they are living with due to a disability or substance misuse.

How much does it cost?

£5 per group