We believe in a society where disabled children, young people and their families enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

You, and all of our generous supporters, are a vital part of the world getting closer to this vision. Thanks to you, we have an ambitious strategy to grow our reach from 12,000 in 2022, to more than 120,000 in 2027.

We know you expect us to keep you updated on our mission, and to spend your money wisely so we make this promise to you.


KIDS promise…

  • To thank and honour our donors.
  • To build lasting relationships with donors inviting further contributions and providing reciprocal positive exposure for their philanthropy.
  • To encourage and excite others. By publicly recognising gifts, other potential donors will realise the level of support KIDS receives. They may be encouraged to join in the giving. Also, this often serves to raise people’s awareness of giving and raise their own standards.
  • To protect your details. We will never share your details with other organisations, and we will only use your information to provide you with the most appropriate communication. You can find our privacy policy here
  • To create a community spirit. As the donor begins to be recognised or as people note the number of donors who support KIDS, it is a source of pride for us all – an indication of the community’s willingness to support disabled children young people and their families.


All donor recognition administration will be the responsibility of KIDS Staff. Forms of individual or group recognition, such as certificates, personal visits, or letters of appreciation, shall be the administrative responsibility of KIDS Staff. KIDS pays for donor recognition.


Donors wishing to remain anonymous will be respected; however, donors must indicate their wish to remain anonymous at the time of donation.

Eligible Gifts

For the purposes of these guidelines, the following types of gifts are deemed to warrant recognition consistent with approved policy:

  • Outright gifts of cash
  • Gifts-in-kind
  • Bequests by Will
  • Gift pledges
  • Cash and gifts-in-kind contributed through special events


KIDS is a member of the fundraising regulator and we are committed to carrying out ethical fundraising. We will always keep disabled children, young people and their families at the forefront of our fundraising strategy.