My top fundraising tips

Andy is one of 40 people taking part in the London Marathon this year and is sharing his best fundraising tips. Read more

"We are forever grateful for the support KIDS has given Ollie"

Cliodhan's son Ollie, has Down’s Syndrome and was supported by KIDS in the early stages of his life. Read more

Making the most of family time at Christmas

Josh (27) has profound, multiple disabilities and Charlotte (20) Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development. Their mum Sue, who is retiring after 20+ years working for KIDS, reveals why quality time is important at Christmas and the challenges that Josh and Charlotte face during the holidays. Read more

Counting our blessings everyday

James has Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a life-threatening condition which causes him to have severe epilepsy and can have up to 30 seizures every day. His mum writes about why he is a miracle and the first time he 'said Mum. Read more

Learning to manage expectations during Christmas

Joshua's mum writes about the challenges they face every Christmas as he grows and develops. Read more

The transition to Christmas is the hardest for Christina

Christmas can be a very challenging time for Christina and her family. Read about their coping strategies and successful trips to see Santa Read more

Balancing tradition and familiarity during Christmas

Isla, has a very rare genetic disorder called Trisomy 9 Mosacism (T9M). She can’t walk or talk and suffers from severe global development delay. Her mum writes about the challenges that Christmas brings for Isla and why home is her favourite place to be Read more

Keeping things simple, fun and magical at Christmas

Read about what Elliott enjoys the most about Christmas and how they will be spending the big day this year. Read more

KIDS Shake Up (South West) - Finding Our Feet!

Our first blog post! KIDS' new South West YPEG have come together for the first time to start planning our adventures. We have our name, our logo and our mission statement and are ready for action! Read more

Predictable presents and the one Christmas involving a metal detector

Elliot's dad Lindsay, who is also a KIDS Trustee Board member, writes about why predictable presents are important to Elliot and recalls a Christmas involving a metal detector! Read more