“I have been working with young people in schools and colleges for a long time. I gained an MA (Master of Arts) in Emotional Factors in learning and teaching which has given me a deep insight in to various learning needs. In 2018,  I worked for a college in the SEN (Special Educational Needs) department and I am hoping to study more in this line of work, that was my main reason for considering working with KIDS this summer.

At KIDS Hackney Adventure Playground, children and young people follow their instinct in their own way and for their own reasons exploring and learning. When they are involved in playing as individuals or as a group, staff are always helping the young people until they were able to master an activity that was previously challenging. The awareness of being safe all the time encourages their effort and builds up their confidence and self-esteem. Staff are always supportive of what they do and the achievements that the children give themselves.

I have gained an understanding on sensory play ideas and activities, which stimulate their senses using colours, sounds, smell and touching. This is quite a new area for me and has opened my intellect into the different ways that the activities can be more inclusive for other children.

Staff are amazing in taking their responsibility seriously to safeguard the children while respecting and supporting each other. This demonstrates great patience and devotion to the job because the environment that we work in provides a happy and secure atmosphere for the worker and the children.

I personally recommend this job for anyone looking to work with children with SEN and to want to support their learning and development.“