Denis, our new Trust Fundraiser, recently visited some of our Adventure Playgrounds as part of his induction. Here he shares his experience of his visits and how each playground has its own identity: 

"KIDS provide children and young people with disabilities and special needs access to play and activities which supports their requirements. And while all the playgrounds vary in size and have a wide range of equipment, they all offer green space within a urban setting, providing a safe environment where children can explore, meet people, develop  friendships and have fun.

Having visited Hayward Playground first, I was really looking forward to seeing our Lady Allen and Chelsea Playgrounds in South London. When we arrived to Lady Allen, it occurred to me how massive it was. There was a huge outdoor area with a sandpit that had a real sailboat in it, a really big and colourful walkway and a nest swing. I played table football with one of the children named Sofia, who was really good and consequently beat me at it. 

After lunch we headed off to the Chelsea Playground, which was considerable smaller. We were greeted by Sarah and her two dogs. Being a smaller playground, it was a lot quieter. What really struck me about all the playground is how different they are; while Hayward is a huge, noisy playground, Chelsea was quiet and seemed very organised. They also had dogs there, which was quite nice. The Lady Allen, in Wandsworth, also had a different vibe to it and had a huge seesaw and tubular bells.       

Apart from being a really nice day for a visit to the playgrounds, meeting the children that benefit from our work and talking to the staff that coordinate the delivery of our services will be hugely beneficial for me and my role as the Trust Fundraiser. I look forward to seeing many more of our projects and raising vital funds towards our work."