KIDS at 50

Welcome to KIDS’ 50th Anniversary

For 50 years, KIDS has worked alongside disabled children, young people and their families.

We’ve directly helped many thousands of children and young people, supported their families and worked creatively to provide support in the way that’s right for each individual We’re delighted to share examples of our achievements over five decades; stories from families we’ve supported, young people who have used our services, trustees who have guided our work and staff who have dedicated their working lives to championing the needs of disabled children.

We have a gallery showcasing some of the events we’ve organised and from some of our services over the years, messages of support, and a timeline (coming soon) illustrating a snapshot of some of our achievements in each of the decades.

As the anniversary year progresses we will be adding more content so please do check back regularly. And if you spot a gap or have a story to share we’d love to hear from you!

Arielle has been supported by KIDS Lincolnshire for three years and loves animals. Her mum writes about what Arielle enjoys the most about attending the play scheme and how it has helped with her anxiety.

Arielle’s favourite things

“Arielle is a happy, bright teenager who adores being with her friends. She absolutely loves animals of every kind (even chickens) and always has a cuddle ready for them. She looks after her guinea pig, Harry and takes Hopey the dog for her daily walk, whatever the weather. Music; the louder the better, is high up on Arielle’s list of favourite things to do as well as dancing, despite her dodgy knees!

Every day, Arielle continues to amaze me with her resilience and her determination to overcome the challenges she has to face. She was diagnosed with Cortical Dysplasia and Epilepsy at 9 months old resulting in severe learning difficulties. More recently she dislocated her knee (she’s awaiting surgery) and has been suffering with anxiety resulting in her inability to go out.

How KIDS has eased Arielle’s anxiety

We found out about KIDS through school, when we moved to Lincolnshire three years ago, and Arielle absolutely loves going. She enjoys meeting her friends, learning new crafts and cooking, as well as going out on trips. Horse grooming and bowling which are among her favourite activities.

At a time when she would not leave the house other than to go to school, the KIDS bus came to the house to collect her. We didn’t hold out much hope because Arielle’s anxiety had got so bad, she wouldn’t even go out in the car with us. However, KIDS were prepared to try it and Arielle got onto the bus which shows how secure and happy she is with the team.  KIDS give Arielle self-confidence and the opportunity to build up her independence.

My hope for Arielle is to experience the world without limits, to have opportunities which build her confidence to become a happy, young woman with dreams and purpose.”