Starting nursery is a key moment for every child: they start to learn, to make friendships, to develop independence and confidence away from their homes.

However, one of the sad facts that we confront every day is that disabled children do not have access to the same opportunities as other children.

A report published last year by the charity Sense revealed that 92% of parents of disabled children felt that their child did not have the same opportunities as their peers, was turned away from play opportunities and struggled to make friends. On top of this 80% of disabled children are victims of bullying at school.

Thanks to your support we are working to change this.

KIDS specialist nurseries are currently supporting over 1,700 disabled children to develop the skills they need to get the very best start to their education. Our work with these young children gives them a far better chance of succeeding when they reach school age.

George has attended KIDS nursery for just over a year and the progress he has made is nothing short of a miracle, and it’s all down to the amazing staff at KIDS.

Read George's story here.


How your donation will make a difference

  • A gift of £25 would provide a family with a package of specialist toys which promote development and learning
  • A gift of £50 would pay for four one to one sessions in nursery for a child with medical needs
  • A gift of £100 could pay for three 2 hour home visits to help parents give their child the additional support they need at home and to complement their learning at nursery.

Any amount that you can donate would ensure the children we support have the chance to learn and to fulfil their goals – giving them the quality of life they deserve.

Thank you for your support. Please donate now.