Alfie is just three years old and has autism. He used to become aggressive towards other children and adults and could not speak, but his life is slowly changing, as result of the support he has been receiving from KIDS.

When KIDS met Alfie and his parents we spent time with them at home, helping to play with Alfie and showing his family techniques they could use to help him manage his emotions and start to interact with the world around him. He has also been attending one of our specialist playgroups and he has been making remarkable progress.

Alfie's mum says:

I don’t know what I would have done without KIDS,no one else could or would help me.Here I am not judged and everyone understands Alfie’s needs – he has come on so much. 

When Alfie first came to playgroup he found it overwhelming, he didn’t know how to play and would flit from area to area, throwing toys and kicking or hitting anyone who came near him.Now Alfie will look for an adult, lead them to the toys he likes and is starting to talk about what he wants to play. He particularly loves our box of animals and is starting to make the animal noises too – “Hello Tiger, grrrrrrrr.” Alfie is also now starting to join in with other activities like food tasting and play sessions. He is even starting to tolerate other children and adults being close to him; using their names and saying hello.

Alfie is one of the many thousands of children KIDS is currently supporting. Your donation will help us make a real difference, helping children to play, develop independence and achieve their own potential.