London to Paris Bike Ride

Four days, three hundred miles, two capital cities…one awesome ride! Come be a part of the ultimate overseas cycling challenge for team KIDSRead more

Kilimanjaro Trek

Join KIDS as you bravely take on the infamous Mount Kilimanjaro. Read more

Yosemite to San Francisco

Join team KIDS as you cycle along the stunning coasts of California over the course of 5 days.Read more

Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro Crater

Join KIDS as you cycle throughout the beautiful country of Tanzania in Africa.Read more

Dalai Lama Trek

Join team KIDS for a stunning overseas trek throughout North India.Read more

Great Wall Trek

Join KIDS on an overseas adventure to trek the entire length of the infamous Great Wall of China.Read more

Coast to Coast Cycle Costa Rica

Join team KIDS and cycle through the beautifully lush and green island of Costa Rica. Read more

Trek to Angkor Wat

Join team KIDS and cycle through the unbelievably scenic country of Cambodia. Read more

Inca Trail Trek

Join team KIDS in Peru, as you trek through the Inca trail to raise money for children with disabilities and their families. Read more

Cycle Vietnam to Cambodia

Join team KIDS as you embark on an adventurous cycling trip from Vietnam to Cambodia. Read more

Everest Base Camp Trek

Join team KIDS on a wonderful adventure by trekking overseas throughout the beautiful Himalayan mountains. Read more

The Husky Trail

Raise money for children with disabilities and their families by joining team KIDS, in this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel in style with huskies across the Arctic.Read more