To give back to the charity that played a vital role in her son Ollie's development and supporting us as a family, Cliodhan has decided to hold a house competition where her house in Maida Vale is the main prize.

The two-floor flat, in Biddulph Mansions, Elgin Avenue, is accessed via a communal staircase which is becoming a challenge for Ollie to get down the stairs. Cliodhan says " Ollie's not co-ordinated or savvy enough to bend his legs in the right way to go downstairs. He hasn't really got the hang of it."

The flat is near Paddington Recreation Ground and a short walk to Little Venice and its scenic canals and has four bedrooms, two bathrooms as well a two balconies and a communal garden.

Ollie has Down's Syndrome and was first supported by KIDS when he was a year old, intially receiving home learning support from KIDS as well as help with the EHCP which led him to securing a place a local mainstream school. 

Read more about Ollie's journey with KIDS

A percentage of the money raised will go towards providing vital support through KIDS services and making a difference to the lives of families, like Cliodhan's.

When I look back at what we learnt from Theresa, I wonder how any family who has a child with special needs could cope without KIDS because the local councils simply do not volunteer that level of support and assistance. As a family, we will be forever grateful.

For more information on how to enter, please click here