As sponsor of Clerkenwell Design Week 2014, online design store Triitme! collaborated with renowned illustrator Ricardo Cavolo to create his first design project.  An experienced artist who has previously worked with well-known fashion brands including Urban Outfitters and Nike, his expertise and enthusiasm made him the perfect guest artist for CDW 2014.

He has customised trainers, paintings, offices… and now he has turned his considerable talent to drawing a mural LIVE in front of hundreds of fair visitors. “I like to have people watch me go through the creative process. When I receive positive feedback from the public, it gives me the energy to continue”, he comments.

After weeks of anticipation, Triitme! has released Cavolo’s final mural.   The mural has been divided into four 1m x 2m paintings to be sold via auction for KIDS.

To view the auction or make a bid before the 10th June at 9pm visit  All profits raised will go to KIDS!

Please click here for a video with highlights from the show:

Ricardo Cavolo painting his mural Ricardo Cavolo painting his mural