Our Basingstoke Nursery service recently moved into a new building with improved facilities and more space for the children. The team always described the previous building as ‘an old building with a good heart’.

Sophie Al-Noah, Early Years Coordinator for the nursey had this to say:

“To now have these amazing facilities in which children can grow, explore and develop is incredible. The buildings design allows access to outdoor learning for all age groups, communal areas for families, coffee mornings and events. There is also one level access for all users and overall ease of use such as children having nappy changing facilities and bathrooms linking to the children’s nursery rooms.”

 It has not only been the staff helping with the big move but also parents and children. Whether this was cutting out visuals, painting rooms, bringing in plants or carrying boxes; everyone has worked together to make the space feel more inviting.

“Our first week has been amazing and families have loved seeing the new rooms in action. We are excited to further develop the setting with plans for a sensory room and garden areas.”

There has also been positive feedback from parents describing the nursery as “an amazing space that the children love” and “an excellent transition from old to new”.

The best comments have been from the children and one sums up the reason why this service is vital for disabled children: “I love my new room, I have lots of new friends…they are coming to my birthday party!”