KIDS National Development Department is very excited to announce that it has been contracted by the British Council to work with An-Najah National University in Nablus on the West Bank.

KIDS will be working with the University to research current accessibility to disabled students and consult with those affected in order to establish how the University can be more accessible and inclusive to those attending. This dynamic approach will foster an understanding of inclusion issues for disabled young people in both countries as well as developing strong links to promote and improve inclusive practice that will benefit disabled children and young people as well as adults internationally.

Work begins on 28 March with KIDS staff travelling to the University to spend a week consulting with staff and students, before returning to the UK to collate the findings and report on them.

An-Najah National University promotes the acquisition of modern knowledge in all academic fields whilst remaining committed to the transmission and preservation of Palestinian history, heritage and culture.

The British Council has been working in the Palestinian Territories for more than 50 years connecting people and building partnerships. The aim is to assist personal and institutional learning in both the Palestinian territories and the UK. British Council support for the arts, education, human rights and governance aims to provide opportunities for cultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

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