Strengthening Families – By Your Side is a new project developed by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and Naval Families Federation (NFF),  offering support to all Royal Navy families.

The project is in partnership with the Royal Navy, Kings Active Foundation, Home-Start UK and Relate and will provide a comprehensive support package to service families whenever and wherever they need it.  

RNRMC have supported KIDS South East for many years through various projects allowing us to respond to the needs of local military families. This has included our current funding of £141,000 over three years to support families in Hampshire through services like our Young Carers project.

This groundbreaking partnership will work collaboratively to address some of the key issues underlined in the RNRMC’s ‘Understanding of Need’ report, primarily looking at the gap between the support available for dispersed families nationwide compared to support available for those living in or near base ports.  

Mandy Lindley, Director of Relationships and Funding at the RNRMC added:

“By working together, we can deliver the improvement in quality of life that is needed by our service families. Strengthening Families – By Your Side is about early intervention and prevention, providing a range of services leading to improved family cohesion, conflict resolution, health and well-being, and increased levels of happiness.”

For more information about the full range of support available and how to access it please visit their website.