Over 100 young children, that attend our KIDS' creches in Lincolnshire, along with their siblings, where able to enjoy a fantastic day out at Rand Farm Park thanks to funds raised at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce Banquet earlier in the year. As well as being able to enjoy the activities at the farm our creche families came together, over their pack lunches, to meet up with children, siblings and parent carers from other crèches from across the county. 

Here is just some of the feedback from the parents that attended the day out:

‘We have had a lovely day at Rand Farm. We joined KIDS’ creche this year and the enrichment and acceptance of Ethan’s needs is outstanding.  From the care and understanding, Ethan was able to join the trip without fear or intimidation, as he was with a group of people who make him feel part of the gang.’

‘Have had a wonderful time! Rupert has loved feeding the animals and is looking forward to a tractor ride. Thank you so much for organising today!’

‘Had a very enjoyable day with great company. Well organised as always from KIDS. Elsie and sister Maddie are having a fab time. Brilliant idea to have a marquee to share lunch with other families. We will miss our trips out with KIDS and their amazing staff. Many thanks.’

‘This has been such a wonderful experience – to meet other parents/children that attend creche and to be able to bring other family members too. The facilities have been so vital in providing somewhere to eat – thank you so much!’

‘Absolutely fantastic day. Lovely to spend quality time with children, parents and staff. Daisy and Reubs had so much fun. Thank you very much *’

‘Wonderful day for all the family. So nice that we could all attend as a family. So nice to be able to meet up in a marquee with other families. Thoroughly enjoyable day.’

‘The day has been very enjoyable, lots of laughs. The family has had a great outing. The kids had opportunities to touch and feed various animals.’

‘Great day out. Ethan loved feeding animals. A good day had by us all. My grandson’s face was a great thing to see enjoying all the animals.’

‘Harry started when he was 8 weeks old, he is now 3 years old. I want to wish all the ladies all the best. If it wasn’t for you ladies I wouldn’t know what to have done or achieve so much with Harry’s development. Thank you so much for picking this venue for me and my family. We have had an ace day. We have had lots of fun feeding the animals and falling off the swing. Thanks ever so much for all the support from the Ermine team.’

‘Fantastic day. Quads, tractor ride, animals. Tyler enjoyed it lots.’

‘He has had a fantastic day at the farm. Enjoyed the play areas best, trampolines, go karts etc. Thank you. Lunch was really good to sit together.’

‘Had a lovely time seeing the animals etc. Lunch in the tent was very nice. A good chance to have a catch up with other parents. The whole day was very well planned. Our family have loved the day. Thanks you.’

‘Yet again, another fab day out! Enjoyed spending time with all of the families and taking part in activities. Thank you so much!’

‘A well organised, family friendly day out. Lots to do and see with Harrison! Really nice to eat together in the marquee and catch up with other members of creche. Lots of support from creche staff too which is always well received! Thank you. Look forward to another.’

‘Thank you so much. We have had a fantastic day. Lots of activities, a good venue and well organised by you all. Thanks again.’

‘Thank you for a lovely day out. Great place with lots to see and do. Despite not liking the larger animals,  Jack loved the chickens and chipmunks. Having a marquee was a brilliant idea and gave every one a chance to catch up. Off to try the play area now. Thanks again.’

‘Logan has had a really nice day at Rand farm. He enjoyed the animals and loved all the play areas. Really good fun.’

‘Excellent day. Well organised. Jack’s first time on trampoline. He enjoyed animals, especially cows and pigs and enjoyed all outside activities. Excellent day 5*’s!!!’

‘Has been a nice experience. Lochlinn enjoyed feeding the animals earlier. He particularly enjoyed the facilities available all around the farm.’

‘Louis has had so much fun stroking all the animals, even feeding a calf it’s milk! He loved the magician and joined in happily. We went on the tractor ride, outdoor playground and lots more. The sunshine and Tom’s company improved a super day. Louis adores Tom and will do and go on things with him. Thank you for a lovely time KIDS!’