This week children attending our Westminster Developmental Play Group were able to enjoy an extra-special toy: an incredible and unique dolls’ house, designed by Mae Architects in collaboration with MAKLab and Burro Happold. 

Mae-Mak House was created as part of A Dolls’ House – a brilliant fundraising project commissioned by KIDS’ charity of the year partner and property developer, Cathedral Group, in which 20 of the world’s top architects designed dolls’ houses, with features for disabled children, that were auctioned at Bonhams in November 2013. Mae Architects went a step further and raised sufficient funds to purchase their Dolls’ House at the auction and generously donated it to KIDS Home Learning service in London.

Mae-Mak House, which is composed of 26 colourful magnetic panels of varying shapes, can be put together and taken apart to form a simple house, a complex house, many houses or a very big house.  Each panel provides a different kind of stimulation for the senses, offering a variety of textures, colours, sounds and shapes that can appeal to the interests and abilities of the children KIDS supports, who often have a wide range of complex needs.

KIDS Home Learning Practitioner, Pauline Harris, said “we work with disabled babies and young children to aid their cognitive and motor-skills development and it is fantastic that the they will get to play with this toy and use it to assist with their development”. 

We would like to thank Mae Architects for their extremely generous contribution to KIDS Home Learning Service, where their house will offer enjoyment and developmental support to a great number of disabled children.