Steven has worked as a volunteer since 1987 in the field of children with special needs. He campaigns tirelessly for better services and more resources in order to deliver nothing less than world class support services to children and families. Following his personal experience of respite care in children's hospices and having supported fund raising for the Wessex Children's Hospice, [Naomi House], he collaborated with Hampshire County Council to establish a new charity dedicated to providing respite care wherever the child was - in the home, at school, in hospital or on holiday! In 2017 SMILE, merged with KIDS to continue the journey. 

In his personal life Steven has had a career in I.T, new technology and "big data", In recent times, renewable energy and de-carbonisation projects have been his main focus. He has had roles at IBM, Oracle and Lockheed Martin and before joining Centrica, led the development of a start up to provide services to balance the national grid. His current focus is on de-carbonising power with exciting projects such as a large tidal scheme, electric vehicle charging and energy storage.