Gabby started her career at BNP Paribas as an equity trader; she then decided to work in politics. Initially she worked under Liam Fox as a junior Press officer. Working her way up she has spent the last decade working for David Cameron whilst he was Prime Minister. Whilst working for David she was his Press Secretary and then later changed roles to Director of External Relations.

David Cameron made her a Life Conservative member of the House of Lords in 2016 and she now sits on the Communications Committee.

Gabby has recently taken on the role of Director of Strategic Communications and Campaigns in BT.  In this role Gabby heads up a team including BT’s Tech Literacy programme which aims to help build a culture of Tech literacy.

Gabby has the following focus areas:

Policy Interests - Communities and families; Crime, civil law, justice and rights; Culture, media and sport; Disability; Pre-natal and post-natal care.