Location: Maidenhead

Date: Thursday 17th April 

KIDS has a strong history facilitating a variety of Local Authorities and other organisations improve the way they work with young disabled people. We have coproduced, with young disabled people, a range of tools to help colleagues understand how they can use their own skills and the resources available to them to ensure the SEND community can have their voice heard at a strategic level.

We have now developed a one day workshop for those who want to facilitate young disabled people in participating in strategic decision making in their organisations.


Participants will explore a range of issues. From this they will create an action plan for initiating or further developing young people’s participation in operational and strategic decision making within their organisations.  


Gain insight into reasons for, and potential of, increased young people’s participation within organisations 

Understand types of participation (service, operational, strategic) 

Consider current relevant participation options 

Consider models of participation 

Consider participation opportunities in own organisation 

Explore dynamics of creating and maintaining a participation group 

Consider common problems and ways to respond 

Explore evidencing and celebrating 

Consider safeguarding and consent matters 

Engage in action planning 


Booking for this event has now closed.