Who is the service for?Disabled young people age 11-17 years.  Young people are supported to take responsibility for themselves, which includes cooking, shopping and looking after their own possessions.  Throughout the weekend young people are supported and provided with 24 hour care by highlighly trained and dedicated staff.  The weekends offer a combination of outdoor activities, team building and leisure activities of the young person's choosing.  Weekends are held in Surrey, Kent and the New Forest. 

How does the service work?

Young people are collected from a central location and spend 2 hights away.  On initial contact a home visit is arranged to enable KIDS to gain an insight into the young person to ensure that they are fully supported from the start.

Who can the service benefit?
Young people and their families.

When are the sessions?
Currently they are four weekends organised per year.

How does my child access the service?
Referrals are accepted from family or other professionals.

"Our daughter Sophie absolutely loves these weekends away with KIDS, and she would be very keen to take part in future trips.  Many thanks."

"When Freddie got home he couldn't stop talking about the weekend.  I felt he came home more confident and I knew he really enjoyed himself"

Contact Clare Turner on 01344 774758 or mobile 07748909792