Short Breaks provide families/primary carers of disabled children and young people a break from their caring responsibilities whilst equally providing the child/young person the opportunity to have fun, make friends and develop skills. The length of the break can vary but is usually around three hours. They can either be in the community or in the home. 

What are Short Breaks?

Families that are referred by the local authority will be allocated a number of hours of respite per month. This gives the family the flexibility to arrange breaks for their child/young person when it is most convenient for them.  

We work closely in partnership with parents and other professionals so together we work towards meeting the best outcomes for the child/young person and breaks focus on the individual needs and wishes of the child.

Before any breaks are arranged a KIDS' member of staff will visit the family to ensure that we appropriately understand the needs of the family and their delivery is regularly reviewed and closely monitored by the service manager.

The service gives parents and main care givers the opportunity to spend time 1-1 with other siblings and the increase the self-esteems and confidence in the child or young person receiving the break as they access a wider range of activities and experiences on their KIDS' breaks.

KIDS manages its short breaks using its Direct Short Break Service powered by (The Short Break Portal) and telephone helpline (03330 142 990). You can book breaks using either means. 

“I was worried that it would take time for my son to accept someone else as it has always been just the two of us, but the KIDS worker soon put him at ease and now Matthew looks forward to his breaks with Tom and gets excited when he knows Tom will be arriving to take him out.”

Ages 0 – 17 funded by Cambridgeshire Local Authority or through personalised budgets

Families using personalised budgets may use the service post 18 until the young person reaches 25yrs


Free if funded through the local authority.

£27.40 per hour (inclusive of all expenses) if directing your own care package via a personalised budget.

When is the service available

Day Time
Monday 07.00-0.00
Tuesday 07.00-0.00
Wednesday 07.00-0.00
Thursday 07.00-0.00
Friday 07.00-0.00
Saturday 07.00-0.00
Sunday 07.00-0.00


Direct Short Breaks on 03330 142 990  

Service Manager - Rosie Cooke

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