How does the service work?Siblings and young carers often have significant responsibilities for a disabled brother or sister.
These young people are given the opportunity to meet others, make friends, share experiences and have fun.
Sibling and Young Carers Projects arrange activities in small groups and have regular meetings outside of the family home.

KIDS aim to raise the awareness of young carers within the Borough, to support them to have the same opportunities and choices as their peers and to help them to reach their full potential.  The Young Carers coordinator works closely with the local schools to raise awareness and to help to identify and support Young Carers.

Young Carers provides individualised support where required, through sign-posting to other services or through direct work with the young person. Young Carers also provides a venue for the young people to meet and fun activities for the Young Carers to participate in.

What is a Young Carer?

A Young Carer can be many things...

Do you…

  • Look after a parent who is ill, has a disability or substance misuse problem?
  • Help a brother or sister who has difficulty doing things for themselves?
  • Spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cleaning the house or doing the shopping?
  • Are you late for scool all the time, skipping classes, getting into trouble with the teachers?
  • Not getting enough sleep?
  • Missing your friends?
  • Would you like to talk to someone about how it makes you feel?
  • Are you 7 or older, but not yet 18?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, you are probably a Young Carer.

You are not the only one!

How can the service help?KIDS runs regular clubs and outings for Young Carers, groups of young people with caring responsibilies. We offer emotional support and an opportuntiy to take part in fun activites with other young people in a simular situation.

We know young carers need someone who understands, will not judge them and who will listen. Our service is tailored to meet the meets of the individual. KIDS work closely with schools and other professional bodies to offer a universal service to the whole family.

 Jenny Plumb 01344 774758 or mobile 07584 230186