Serena Norman, KIDS' Events Officer, shares her experience of training for the most hilarious obstacle race and why she is taking on the challenge: 

"Working as the events officer for KIDS, I have witnessed first-hand the determination, sleepless nights, tireless training that our fantastic supporters have put in to cross the finish line and raise money for disabled children and young people.

I hear inspiring stories from our service workers, the heroes on the front lines who are working so hard to ensure that all this generous support and determined efforts are going where they are most needed – giving disabled children and young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential. To know there are so many people, working together to achieve so many great things, I only wanted to get more involved.

I’ve tried to be sensible and start slow. I’ve decided to take on the Gauntlet Games, a 5k obstacle race, packed full of slides, mud, foam and gladiators. I know to some of you that may seem like just fun in the park – but to me, the thought of running 5k fills me with dread. After years of avoiding P.E. lessons, I can already taste the humiliation of frantically hurling one little leg in front of the other, only to watch as all my companions speed off in the distance. At first, I was excellent at avoiding training: it’s too cold, it’s too hot, I’m too tired, this sofa is so comfy etc. But once I finished my first training, I began to push myself a bit harder and am getting confident about the task ahead. Now I’m feeling ready to take on my challenge, counting down the days until I can cross the finish line for KIDS."