What challenge are you doing to fundraise for KIDS?

On 8th July 2017 I will be participating in a skydive to raise money for KIDS. Unlike last year’s “Fun” Run, I think I’m actually going to enjoy this one! Surprisingly I’m far less concerned about hurtling towards the ground from 10,000 feet at a speed of 120mph than I was about an 8.5 mile jog!

Why did you decide to raise money for KIDS?

I have spent my entire adult life volunteering for children with disabilities (autism in particular) so, as well as being the charity I work for, this is a cause that is very close to my heart. I started working for KIDS in August 2015 and it’s been a fantastic experience so far. We support over 11,000 disabled children, young people and their families every year and run more than 120 different services across the length and breadth of the UK. No other organisation provides such an extensive range of pan-disability services for children and young people. I have seen first-hand the work that our teams do, and it’s truly brilliant. I work in Central Services which means I don’t often get to do direct work with the children and young people we support, so this skydive is my way of having a more of an impact on their lives.

What motivated you to sign up?

My adrenaline junkie nature is the reason I’m doing a skydive. I want to be able to help provide something tangible for the children we support, so my fundraising efforts this year will be directed towards the redevelopment of the Early Years playground in Birmingham. Currently our Early Years Centre has a garden in a poor state of repair with limited activities for the children to take part in. The aim is to transform the garden into a proper playground to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our 0-5 year olds to learn and play. My colleague suggested a slide into a vat of cookies, which sounds like a fantastic idea, but perhaps we’ll stick with something a little less bizarre!

How are you  feeling about the challenge?

I’m really excited. So far, the nerves haven’t hit me and I’m hopeful that they never will! Someone told me that 70% of first time skydivers have to have their fingers pried from the plane doors. I’m fairly certain I’m going to be in the remaining 30%. I’ll probably be ready to go before they’ve even got the parachute on me!

How is your fundraising going 

I’ve been taking my sponsorship sheet with me everywhere I go and have so far raised around £850 for the playground. We need around £22,000 to be able to start building though, so I’m aiming to raise as much as I can!

How making a donation will help 

Your donation will make a huge difference to the lives of the children who come to our Early Years Centre. The children we work with often can’t access local playgrounds due to their particular needs. Public playgrounds can be too busy, noisy and overwhelming, and many of our children are unable to play without 1:1 support. The Early Years Playground is an environment where every child can thrive. It is so important for young children to play and be able to engage with others their own age, and our Early Years Team create this opportunity with the specialist support they provide. You can sponsor me for my skydive by clicking here. Thank you for your support!

If you feel inspired to take on challenge and fundraise for disabled children and young people, you can sign up for any of our events!