Taleebah is part of our Finance team and as a grandparent of a child with additional needs, she knows the impact that support from a charity like KIDS can have on a family.

"In 2007 when I joined KIDS, the organisation was in the process of recruiting for its Centralised Finance Team and I was employed as the second member of the team as a Management Accountant.

I was interviewed by the CEO whom at the time was very focused on employing someone who would embrace the challenge, as the department was in the last phase of restructuring. Today it is still that quest for a challenge and continuously supporting KIDS in its growth which why I am still attracted to my role.

Working with incredible staff 

Working with staff that are fundamentally committed to enhancing the lives of the children, young people and their families that we provide services for is really rewarding. Having a grandchild with additional needs, I have been advised and guided by some of the most experienced staff at KIDS and that support is priceless when you are uncertain of what support is available to your loved ones.

When life poses its challenges KIDS have been very supportive in providing a flexible working arrangement, which helps enormously to support and promote a healthy work life balance.

Over the years at KIDS I have bonded with some lovely colleagues who genuinely care and this creates a warm and friendly working environment. It is nice to come into work knowing despite the pressures we sometimes face, you are greeted with nice warm cuddle and lots of smiles, this really gives a refreshing start to the day and it does not cost a penny!"