Corporate Fundraiser for KIDS, Ella, recently made her first visit to KIDS Hayward Adventure Playground and shared her experience:

"Upon arrival it’s hard to believe that such a big playground is hidden away in central Islington. I was impressed with the amount of space the children had to venture out in. We were greeted by a lovely young girl who took it upon herself to give us a personal tour of the playground and its facilities. It’s great that there is both an indoor and outside space for the children to explore as well as a fully functioning kitchen to be able to provide food and drink for the children. There were various toys and games available as well as break out rooms for different activities. The centre focuses on activities chosen by the children so on their ideas wall were suggestions like dodge ball and capture the flag, both of which I used to love as a child.

Getting a chance to experience first-hand the amazing work that KIDS is doing as well as meeting the dedicated playground staff, really hammered home the importance of keeping these services going. Now more than ever fundraising plays a key role in this and I am excited and driven to be a part of helping to give these children the opportunity to play and interact in a fun, welcoming environment."