Nicola has been Short Breaks worker for over 3 years and shares her experience and what the role involves:

"During my time as a Short Breaks worker for KIDS I have had the privilege to meet and support some of the most amazing young people and their families.

As a Short Breaks worker you’ll give the young people you support access to activities within the community such as bowling, cinema, coffee shops, swimming, places of work and any other activities the young person would like to do. The breaks are planned based on the likes and interests of the young person; so it’s up to the young person what they would like to do. You’ll help support the young person in every day to day routines and activities to help develop their independence, social skills and their own personal management. Breaks differ between accessing the community, in home care and support or a mixture of both.

There is a Direct Short Break (DBS) system which logs all of your breaks, here you’ll also be able to access the young person’s file which will tell you all about them, their family, family traditions and any risk assessments. When you’ve completed a break with the young person, you’ll then use the DSB system to write a review on how the break went, these are then used to help support in any meetings for that young person.

The most important part of being a Short Breaks worker is to have fun! I personally have spent 3 years with a variety of young people and their families and can honestly say that each and every one has been an absolute joy to support. It’s been amazing to see the young people we support grow, learn new skills, develop independence, take on challenges and overcome them but more importantly it’s been amazing to see them smile each and every break.

Good luck if you decide to apply and remember HAVE FUN if you join the wonderful team of KIDS!!!"