We asked Liz a few questions to find out why she had decided to set herself this challenge:

Why did you decide to set yourself a challenge and why you decided to fundraise for KIDS?

During my 9.5 years at KIDS I’ve organised a number of fundraising events, most of which have included a level of eating and drinking!  Unfortunately these events have contributed to some weight gain, shall we say.  So then I came up with a brainwave to not only raise money but to get down to a dress size similar to 9.5 years ago!  I’m very passionate about the caravan and the benefit it brings to families who use it for a much needed break

What do you think the most challenging part of it will be?

The most challenging part will be everything up until my last 5 metres!  No seriously, it’s going to be a real challenge to keep myself on track each month without falling too far behind schedule.  The longest distance I’ve run is 2.3 miles which was about a year ago when I was a lot fitter.  Since then I’ve not been able to run a mile without stopping!

 What do you hope to achieve?

A body like Beyonce!  Oh yes, and to complete the challenge!  Also I would like to raise enough money to buy a new microwave and install some material around the bottom of the caravan so it’s warmer in the colder months.  Plus there is always ongoing repairs required.

 What advice would give to anyone that is considering taking part and fundraising?

Don’t do it!!!  Give yourself a realistic challenge with plenty of time to train.  And, as Albert Einstein once said: “Life is like a bicycle, in order to keep your balance you must keep moving”

Month 1 - April

So my first month of training for my 8k has come and gone very quickly like a bear eating honey! My goal was to run 750 metres without stopping which I’ve achieved on the treadmill – happy days! Filled with confidence at achieving this goal I set out to ‘run round the block’ from my house – a total of 0.92 miles.

I started off at a steady pace up a slight incline out of my Close, turned left down the road and had to stop!!! After only 2 minutes of running I was gasping for air and thought my heart was going to bulge out of its skin!! Too many Americanos with cream!!!

Having knocked that idea on the head I decided that I would have a go at the muscle strengthening programme that the nice young man at the gym had set for me. Off I go to the gym, squats, lunges, sit-ups – all those brilliant fat busting moves that keep your metabolic rate up! What they don’t tell you is that your muscles complain for days

Month 2 - May

So another month has gone by, another month nearer to February 2019!!

Training has been a bit hit and miss this month, but still managed to reach the target of running one mile. So Taleebah and I scheduled our monthly ‘run’ for Saturday 2nd June in Sutton Park. I was full of beans (not literally!) having taken care to eat nutritious, healthy, energy giving food and drinking lots of hydrating water and feeling very positive! The target was to run as far as I could – but alas, yet again we had to stop after a few minutes……….legs, muscles, aching, etc, etc, etc.

Mrs Motivator PPP (as I am now calling Taleebah) has a lot of Patience, Positivity and Passion and encouraged me not to stop but keep going, power walking, jogging, running – finding that ‘sweet spot’ that your body naturally falls into so you can keep going.

So 2.79 miles later – up hills and down dales, in 23 degrees, we had done it – ran, jogged, power walked, whatever it took to reach the car! (The site of BD17 JPY was absolute bliss!) Back in the car park Mrs Motivator PPP informed me that she was now going for a 4 mile run – after her 2.79 miles warm up!!!!!!!

So June is a ‘stepping up a gear’ month – strengthening/stretching leg muscles – getting the miles in – because, as Mrs Motivator’s husband always says……….”you can’t talk yourself fit, you’ve got to put in the hard work”!!!!

If you are feeling inspired & fancy a challenge get in touch!