Well, after some early work in the Summer, we've had our first proper planning sessions with our Heroes!

We talked about our aims and the timeline of the project and shared experiences of accessing services as individuals with a learning difficulty.

We then talked about what 'Accessibility' meant and looked at the 'Three Pillars of Accessibility' - Physical accessibility, accessibility to Information and Attitude to accessibility.

As a group, we discussed what good and bad access looked like made a list of things we might look for when we visit services.

Through this work, we co-produced an assessment tool that we will use on our visits. The group discussed what our symbol might look like - this will also be what we award services when we assess they have good accessibility. After lots of ideas, the group decided they wanted a superhero brain unlocking the services that are currently locked to people with learning difficulties and additional needs. We have a logo for the project as well as the awards we will give to services. Here's what we came up with...


We have also chosen the services we want to investigate, making sure we are covering services across South Gloucestershire and from a range of services.

Our next step is to go on our visits through December to investigate services. We will do this in small groups or pairs and will share what we have found with each other before we start to develop action plans with the services themselves.

Watch this space for more news from the project and some contributions from our young people!