KIDS has been funded by the Learning Difficulties Partnership Board (with money from the Learning Difficulties Development Fund) to offer a project we've called KIDS Access Heroes.

We are working with a group of young people with learning difficulties aged 14-25 in South Glos to help develop a tool to rate/assess how accessible local services are for people with a learning difficulty. The young people are choosing the services they're looking at themselves, but we're getting a cross section of services across health services, leisure services, employment, housing, education.

The young people are working together to inspect the services and rate them using the tool they've made. After this we are helping them put together an action plan of things the service can do to improve their accessibility. We're revisiting services after three months and if the service has met 80% of the young people's inspection tool, the service will get an award that the young people have designed.

Through this work, the young people will have training on 'Participation', presenting information, speaking up and speaking out and will also have the opportunity to gain an ASDAN accreditation.

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