Regional Fundraiser for KIDS South West, Katie Edmondson, is taking on the Bath Half Marathon. She will be giving regular updates about how her training is going and giving some advice and top tips for others that may be interested in running a marathon in the future. This mini interview goes into the reasons why Katie decided to take on her first half marathon and what she has struggled with since beginning her training.

Why did you decide to take part in the half marathon?

Just over a year ago, I had never ran regularly. The most I’d done was a 5k fun run a few years previously. Last year was a tough year for me personally, so I thought I’d take up running for a bit of ‘me’ time to clear my head. I started training and ran the Bristol 10k in May, I was so proud! The Half Marathon seemed like the next step for me, so when I joined KIDS as a fundraiser and we bought places, I thought why not? – I really enjoy challenging myself.

What has been really difficult to adjust to since starting training?

Finding the time to train. Most people told me to try and get out three times a week, two shorter runs and one longer run. Being a single mum, finding time to do this can be hard. I’ve managed to squeeze in shorter runs on my lunchbreaks and the longer runs on the weekends when I have some time to myself.

What has surprised you since you started training?

That actually, you really surprise yourself! It is tough but I can’t believe I’m managing to run a little further on each run. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. I struggle when I’m running at times and end up stopping, but I feel incredible once I’ve finished a run! Both mentally and physically, it’s amazing.

What do you hope to achieve by end of your training leading to the marathon?

I’d like to be able to have ran 18k (a half marathon is around 21k). If I can do this, then I’m hoping the crowd will help me get around the final 3k! I’ve been told not to do the full amount before the big day – to not push myself too much and to ensure I have the full sense of achievement on race day.

What top tip would you give a running novice thinking of trying a running challenge?

Honestly, do it! I am not a ‘runner’ – I actually dislike running most of the time! But it is amazing how much you surprise yourself. Being out running is like meditation for me, it clears my head and allows me to zone out to the tunes of my choice. It’s a great sense of freedom! A year ago I couldn’t run to the end of my road without getting stitch, I couldn’t even run for 10 minutes without stopping but gradually I have improved and I can’t believe it. Sign up to an event, it gives you a target – a 5k fun run perhaps, then you know you need to get out and train. You never know, you might actually enjoy it!

Would you do this again?

Yes. For sure. A full marathon next maybe?! Well, maybe not….!

If you would like to be a part of team KIDS and take part in a challenge this year, click here.