Chloe is a full time University student studying Early Years Education who has worked for KIDS for two years as a Sessional Worker. 

“I joined KIDS as I saw an opportunity to make a difference whilst enhancing myself and my knowledge. As a University student it can be very difficult to balance a job with studies, particularly whilst on placements, however, KIDS give you the flexibility to choose your hours and the days that you work, unlike most jobs! I have previously worked for large retail companies, however, these were not as flexible, or as generous with pay, as KIDS is. To me, a job should be something you enjoy, not just something that pays the bills. Whilst working with the children and young people, it is clear to see a difference to their lives being made, giving both the child and their family a much-needed break.

Finding a balance between my studies and my work was extremely difficult before working with KIDS. I found myself having no spare time and no social life at the age of 18; since joining KIDS this has changed. By being able to liaise with both management and the families in my care, I can discuss breaks which are at appropriate times for both the child and me. Since joining KIDS, I have gained not only a stable income, but the flexibility and enjoyment of ‘choosing’ when I work.

The best thing about working for KIDS is the difference you are making to the children and their families; it is extremely humbling watching the children and young adults develop. Another great thing about working for KIDS is the ability to go to the park, theme parks, cinemas, bowling, and watching the smile on the children’s faces as they do what they enjoy.”