Adele shares how Mitchell and Billy have progressed and developed through accessing various KIDS services.

Our journey with KIDS first started when Jane Frecklington visited us at home as a Speech and Language Therapist recommended it might be good for Mitchell, who was about two at the time in 2012/13.

I had been taking him to mother and toddler group and he was just so behind it was heart breaking to see as I had previously been through this already with my first son. Jane was so lovely friendly and understanding. She put me at ease straight away and just had a way with Mitchell. After that he started attending KIDS crèche and all the staff were the same as Jane; bubbly and friendly, kind and had a fantastic way with the kids getting the best out of them.

I knew this was the place for Mitchell because of the emotional support I received and they helped with appointments and forms; all the different process you have to go through in the early years.

Mitchell has global development delay, autism and hypertonia. He previously struggled mixing with other children so it was lovely he made friends at KIDS and it also gave me a few hours to myself which was needed. Mitchell saw many professionals including the Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapist and Physiotherapist and they could all be done when he was at KIDS .

They also helped with the transition of him finally going to school at St Francis which was also a big help. KIDS really helped with Mitchell ‘s development and it was so nice to feel he belonged somewhere.

KIDS has still remained a massive part of our life’s as we have help in the mornings 2 days a week through their domiciliary care service and  Billy, my oldest who is 17, accesses TPA and KIDS STRUT which is an afterschool club and has activity days.

 I can’t express enough how important KIDS is for disabled children and young people. Without their services, there would be nothing for Billy or Mitchell to access which helps their social and independence skills. Billy gets to experience what other children get the chance of on a daily basis and enjoy activity days like bowling or swimming which he really enjoys. He also has made some friends ,which he usually finds difficult, and hopefully Mitchell will also access this service at some point.

I just want to say a huge thanks to KIDS for the past 50 years and here to many more to come! You have changed so many lives of families with disabled children.