"Without KIDS the journey that we are all on would have been

a much longer and lonelier one"

Our work helps disabled children and young people to gain independence, social skills and self confidence. We are very proud of the reputation of the services that we deliver to disabled children, young people and their families. Please read some of our feedback below, your feedback is always welcome - feel free to use the contact us page on our site.

"I just had to send a quick email to inform you that yesterday (Tuesday 18th August 2015) I was enjoying a day out with my young family at Monkey World. 

Owning a couple of children's day nurseries myself it is an occupational hazard to notice school groups / nursery groups etc.  out on day trips! Your team were all wearing your logo polo tops and the children with their hi visibility jacket's enabled me to search your website.

I can honestly say that your team of workers were a delight and you should be extremely proud of them. I watched the team at the large play area for about an hour whilst my two children played alongside them.

WOW the compassion and care shown to the children in their care was exemplary.  The team were never distracted and acted professionally at all times. In my opinion they need a 'big pat on the back'. I do not know anyone in your organisation, but felt compelled to send a message of praise. I do hope you are able to inform them that it was noted and that each team member should be proud of themselves."

Email from member of the public

I recently went to Moors Valley Country Park, to the Go Ape activity, there was a big group of children and staff there from KIDS and I am writing to praise the fantastic work of the staff.

They stayed calm, collected and professional throughout in some particularly distressing and challenging circumstances. Some of the children were clearly scared up in the trees and the staff reassured and helped them and truly were a credit to your amazing charity. They certainly deserve more than praise as they just dealt exceptionally well with difficult moments and everyone around watching them which can always add pressure.

Well done to all, the children are lucky to have such supportive and dedicated carers."

Email from a member of the public

"My daughter Domenica has Down’s Syndrome and months of her life were difficult for all of us. We were on a waiting list for a Home Learning service and, after seven long months, Veronica from KIDS walked through our door. She transformed my life and made Domenica’s life possible. Early intervention is crucial for children with disabilities: so many of the skills that we take for granted have to be painstakingly taught. In her regular weekly visits Veronica taught me how to look after and stimulate my daughter. Domenica was inert, floppy and fragile and until the arrival of Veronica I had been a helpless spectator, terrified at doing the wrong thing. I learned to delight in all that Domenica could achieve and not worry about what she could not".

Rosa Monckton,  former KIDS President, parent and user of KIDS services

"I have been supporting KIDS, a charity that helped my family when we most needed it, for over ten years now. I am very proud to be a patron of such a great charity."   
                                                                                                                                                           The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, KIDS Patron and former user of KIDS services

"I've seen for myself how KIDS play projects open up a whole new world of possibilities for many disabled children."

Liz Hurley, actress and KIDS patron, visiting a KIDS Adventure Playground in Hackney

The KIDS Adventure Play facilities let children like my Patricia have fun without fear and to lose her inhibitions. Since going to these sessions Patricia has learnt to be confident, independent and most important she has been given a chance to be a child. I don’t know where we’d be without KIDS." 

Margaret, mother of Patricia who has acute Scoliosis and Cerebral Atrophy

"KIDS have been at the forefront of providing inclusive play opportunities for disabled children for many years. They offer stimulating and fun activities at all their play projects and offer great support to families and siblings. At KIDS play projects all children are able to be themselves and just get on with the most important objectives which are playing, having fun, and making friendships. I'm very proud of the time I spent with KIDS, and I think very highly of this organisation, I only hope that they continue for many years to provide information, training, and high quality play provision to children in the UK."

Kurt Ross, Hammersmith and Fulham Council

"I have known of KIDS Hackney Adventure Playground for many years, as I have worked in adventure play in London for most of my working life.KIDS Hackney Adventure Playground has a long standing reputation of providing an excellent adventure playground service to disabled children and young people in the area for many years. The staff at the playground are very experienced and well respected in the field. They have worked very hard over the years to provide the sort of play opportunities that many mainstream children would take for granted. They have successfully developed the playground and its services to cater for the additional needs of many disabled children, who are able to access the playground with the support that they need in order to be able to play under their own direction and to make their own choices.This is a vital service to the community they serve. Not only providing a rich play environment for children to play, learn and develop, but also managing to put inclusion at the fore front of their activities and ensure that no child misses out on these opportunities because of special need or disability. Their service is also of huge benefit to the parents of the children, providing much needed respite and support. They work in partnership with other local organisations to meet needs on a wider level, and many other groups use their services to enhance their own activities. In my opinion, KIDS Hackney Adventure Playground are a fantastic example of a dedicated and committed local project, providing an excellent and highly effective service to all the children and young people in the community they work with."

Nick Jackson, Hackney Council