Sam is an Independent Support Practitioner for KIDS South West and is using a unique platform and his talents to raise vital funds for disabled children, young people and their families.

"I’ve just started a 60 day fundraising campaign through a music-based crowdfunding website called PledgeMusic. My goal is to raise £1000 to support KIDS Saturday Club. The club provides a lifeline to families, enabling children to access the opportunities they deserve and giving parents and siblings a regular break so they can recharge their batteries.

One of the reasons I decided to do this project was as a response to all the amazing fundraising things that are going on elsewhere in KIDS. In our office my colleagues in the fundraising team have been working overtime on raising money for KIDS through events like the Bath Half Marathon and I felt really bad –being in no shape to participate with anything that athletic – about not being able to contribute with any fundraising myself. Thinking about what I could offer in terms of my own interests and skills and having supported other artists in the past with their own PledgeMusic campaigns I decided that maybe I’d be able to raise some funds for disabled children, young people and their families through my music.

PledgeMusic is primarily a platform to enable artists to raise money through crowdfunding in order to afford to tour or to record an album. I don’t think it’s particularly common for an artist to use it to crowdfund specifically for a charity but I really liked the setup of the PledgeMusic projects in that you can offer some really unique and personalised ‘Rewards’ to the people who pledge money to the campaign.Among the rewards I’ve added to my campaign are for me to come and play a house gig, a personalised song written about them (or loved one) and an exclusive CD with lucky bag of treats!"

To make donation towards Sam's campaign please click here.