Frankie is a 20-month-old boy with a rare genetic condition called Cohen’s Syndrome. This condition has a major effect on his eyesight, as he has progressive near-sightedness (myopia) and could one day lose all of his sight. Frankie also has hypermobility, making it difficult to bear weight through his legs. He is very wary of people, struggling to make physical contact and becoming particularly distressed when people touch his hands.

Despite Frankie’s condition, he is a sweet, gentle child who loves music. He has just started crawling and is initiating games with his brothers more often. Through his growing relationship with his KIDS home learning practitioner, Frankie is beginning to allow closer proximity with her, sitting on her lap and letting her touch his hands.

While initially reluctant to crawl, Frankie has now gained motivation with the help of toys and from the support he receives from KIDS. He is beginning to explore his environment with learning sessions occurring outside in the garden, at the local park and at the baby gym.

With the help of his KIDS home learning practitioner and help from other professionals, Frankie is becoming more confident in his abilities and is receiving the support he needs to promote all areas of his development.

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