Thomas Batten ran three marathons to fundraise for KIDS including flying half way across the world to take part in the Bangkok Marathon. Here is his story:

"To raise funds and awareness for KIDS I decided to run the Cardiff and Oxford Half marathons as well as the Bangkok Marathon. I wanted to run for KIDS after hearing about the great work the charity does to help disabled children and their families after speaking to a KIDS employee.  Another reason was when I was at school, once a month we used to visit the local disability school and this experience always stuck with me.

The Cardiff Half is a great event to run because it is the biggest run in Wales and course is interesting to run around and takes in many landmarks. I enjoyed the day, but I found the race was tough purely due to the fact I had been very ill the week prior to the event.

The Oxford Half is a special for me because it's my local event and Oxford is a beautiful city to run around. This year it was made extra special as I ran the course with my Dad who was running his first half marathon.

To raise extra funds I had a fundraising coffee morning, cake and book sale one Saturday, which was a great success and it was fantastic to see so many people turn up to the hall. It really is amazing how generous people can be.

So finally to the big one - the Bangkok Marathon. This was to be my 5th marathon, but I was nervous. I have never run in such heat and humidity before for such a long distance. The marathon started at 2AM, so with no sleep I headed to the start line. The temperature during the night was 29C and the humidity between 80-90% and I was hot just waiting to start. Within a few miles of the start my clothes were soaked through from sweat, every drinks station I tipped a cup of water on myself to cool me down, I have never been so hot in my life.

The run was hard in many other way, the course was 13 miles out and 13 miles back along a closed motorway which is rather tedious, of which miles 10 to 16 we were running along side a active motorway, so lots of fumes to breathe in. Although this event was the toughest I have done, I will never forget it and there were some wonderful moments, running through the night, watching the sun rise, crossing the Rama 8 bridge and finally finishing the race one very happy, hot sweaty and exhausted man.

KIDS is a fantastic charity to fund raise for and they were very helpful and supportive right the way through my charity challenge. So thank you KIDS."

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