I was moved to contact KIDS when I read an article in The Times featuring Baroness Gabby Bertin who was introduced to the charity by David Cameron.

Reading the article coincided with a point in my life when I felt that I wanted to 'give back' I have always contributed to charities that support children and more recently I found myself in a position where I had time to give too.

I met Hannah and Gemma and was so impressed - they cared passionately about the children and the charity and I consider myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to volunteer and make a small difference.

I was accepted as part of the team from day one although I was being closely monitored! The children are joyful, full of beauty and life and if the truth be known they probably gave me more than I was able to give them.

The children are cared for in such a loving, warm and safe environment and I could see that when their parents dropped off, they too were confident that they were safe and cared for - due no doubt to the fact that this is a small but specialised team...the nursery is a godsend to these families.

Days are filled with laughter, play and a lot of humour but it is also a learning environment - all the children are encouraged to develop.

I miss blowing bubbles (nonstop if Joseph had his way!), drawing in glitter sand with Ismail and whizzing around with toy cars, footballs etc with Elena and Idris, reading stories and watching a small group of children transfixed by something as simple as leaves being blown in the wind. Keeping up with Leo and Noah was always a challenge - the word a 'whirlwind' comes to mind!

Sadly my time there came to an end, I had a wonderful last day and made my way home with much treasured pictures from all the children. Later that week I put my hand in my coat pocket and pulled out a stone; it could only have been from Sean and it is now in the fruit bowl for all to see - a treasured token.

I feel privileged to have met Gemma, April and Holly.