We recently had a group of 8 children from Harrow, 8 practitioners and a volunteer go to the London Eye for our annual trip.

We took the group of children to take the Emirates line train however because of the strong winds, it meant we were unable to go on the train. With children who have autism, changing plans at the last minute can often cause anxiety. However everyone coped with it well and once on the tube, everyone was excited to get to our destination.   

In looking at the feedback from the trip, one of the boys Sam, said it was his "best treat ever" and one of the parents wrote that their child Adam “loved the trip and felt very grown up going out with friends”.

Our volunteer that helped us was fantastic in keeping the day running smoothly.  He used to use the service himself and loved talking to the younger children, helping them engage in conversation.

A few of the boys that took the trip were rail enthusiasts and bonded over their love for trains and transport modes. Click here to see a video of them naming all of the stops on the Metro Line off by heart on their way home!

At the end of the day, the group had their lunch on the train and were looking forward to going on the Thames Clipper train to relax on their way home.