KIDS Early Years Feedback

What has been of most benefit for you and your child, since accessing Short Breaks?

My son is happier, I'm happier, his siblings are happier, it has made our lives easier and less stressful because my son is getting all his needs met, he loves coming to KIDS, and I get a little break to recharge

What aspects of the service are you happy with?

The kind, caring and supportive staff. They care and understand of Joseph's individuals wants and needs. The well-equipped nursery and beautiful sensory garden. The affordable cost of excellent quality cares of a special needs child.

Are the facilities and resources in session suitable for your child?

Yes, the nursery has a wide selection of toys and sensory toys. Everything is well planned and thought out. Bright and cheerful room with great access to the garden area

How can we help develop the service for you and your child?

We are happy with everything, we would just like the service to continue always for my son and all future families needing the supportive caring service that is offers because this service is greatly needed.

Have you any additional comments about the service?

How lovely the service. How caring the staff are. How we don't feel so isolated now we access the service and the with the care it offers. And the most important thing to me is that my son Joseph is being well cared for in a place where he belongs and feels accepted so he can blossom into the beautiful child he is.