Russell House is a special home away from home where local disabled children can experience independence for the first time, staying overnight or joining in day time activities. 

We currently have 30 young disabled people aged 8 to 18 using Russell House. Many have extremely profound leaning and physical disabilities, severe autism and some life-limiting conditions. For most young people, this is the only "sleepover" they will experience in their life. 

92% of parents said their child's independence had increased as a result of  coming to Russell House.

For many of our children the time they spend at Russell House provides the only opportunity to make friends, take part in fun activities and achieve things independently from their parents. Parents can trust that KIDS staff will provide their child high quality, round-the-clock care, including administering medication and tube-feeding for those who need it. 

Without your donations we simply wouldn't be able to provide this vital service to the disabled children of South Gloucester.