KIDS runs four adventure playgrounds across London.  They provide an opportunity for unrivalled play and development for disabled children and young people.  A much needed space where disabled children and young people can be children, can play and have fun whatever their condition. They also provide support to families and the chance of a much earned and well-needed break for parents and siblings.

The playground is one of the best faculties in Hackney for children with special needs, if not the only one. I'm a parent of twin girls with severe autism, I find that KIDS meet my girls need very well. They have a chance to socialise and learn through play with the best workers.”

The KIDS playgrounds face a very challenging financial future and urgently need financial support to keep these amazing facilities open.

He loves KIDS; whenever I tell him he’s going he gets a smile on his face.”

We need ongoing support for a need that does not change; the need for all children to play and be themselves in a safe, inclusive environment.

Please make a donation to support the playgrounds and ensure that disabled children benefit from these remarkable spaces.

A donation of £25 would help support one child to visit for a day and have specialist care in a safe and protective environment while enabling their families to have a well- needed break.

My son has been attending at KIDS adventure play for the last eight years. During that time he has developed strong life changing friendships with members of staff. Periodically my son has faced difficult times over the years where he has struggled to maintain any friendships due to the onset of social communication difficulties, something which has been a source of great sadness to him, yet he has always looked forward to and valued his time at KIDS.”

Thank you for taking the time to consider this appeal, your support is much appreciated.

Please donate today: Click Here

If you are a trustee of a grant-making body and would like to learn more about this project, please contact Karine Pardé or Michael Koudounas from KIDS’ trusts team for further information.