92% of parents of disabled children say their children struggle to access leisure activities and days out due to physical, social and financial constraints. (Sense 2016)

KIDS is here to make a difference to these families. We offer a “Short Breaks” service, where our qualified workers take disabled children and young people out for weekly trips and activities. Families have a break from their caring responsibilities and the children enjoy some fun time away from home. The opportunity to try new things and be a part of their community is something every child deserves, but sadly remains out of reach for many disabled children and young people.

Last year we provided 85,000 hours of Short Breaks activities to over 650 children – that’s 85,000 hours of disabled children having fun and taking part in activities in the same way their able bodied peers can.

These activities are not what we choose, they are what the young people want to do, for example swimming, bowling, climbing or just going to a café for a chat.

Children like 11 year old Nadia from London. Nadia has autism and can only say a few words, but has a good understanding of English and goes out with her short breaks worker every weekend for a few hours. Nadia’s great love is music and so her Short Breaks are music-themed. Despite Nadia’s inability to communicate using words, she is able to sing along to songs, humming and dancing when she hears a tune.

Music changes Nadia. She becomes more verbal, energetic and engaged with those around her; it simply unlocks her world.

We’ve been able to take her to all sorts of local community events encompassing many types of music from jazz to rock. If there are no live events available one weekend then a trip to the local music shop where she can try out instruments, and listen to her key worker playing is also really stimulating for her.

Short Breaks like this, breaks which reflect children’s interests and enable them to have fun doing something they love cannot happen without our supporters.

KIDS need to raise the funding needed to pay for all activity and transport costs that are incurred during every Short Break outing. Without this funding our staff are limited to doing the same “free” things like going to the local library or park with the children every week.


£25 could pay for four children to go bowling

£50 could pay for two children to go out for the day to an animal park or adventure activity centre.

Any amount you could give would mean a disabled child can have time out from home to experience fun and friendship, just like their able bodied peers.