Could you support our centre for disabled children in Wylde Green? 

We are urgently raising funds to restore our garden to enable the young children we look after to go outside and play safely. 

We support children with any disability from babies through to the age of five. We help them to play, develop independence and prepare for starting school.

We are lucky to have an outdoor space, but it is in a very poor state of repair with uneven ground and old, broken equipment. Play is vital for young children, and more so for those with a disability.

Many disabled children cannot use standard play equipment available in our local parks because of their particular physical needs or simply for fear of being judged, bullied or ignored. 

The statistics are shocking:

84% of disabled children do not have access to leisure time

33% of families with a disabled child regularly skip meals due to poverty

The families we support just do not have spare money for play and leisure activities.

Can you donate £25?

Once we have rebuilt our garden 110 local disabled children will benefit.

Thank you for your support, 100% of your gift will go to support our garden in Wylde Green.

Please donate now: Click Here