KIDS early years services ensure that pre-school children get the best start in life through support at home and in specialist nurseries. Our home learning sessions specialise in breaking down developmental aims into small, achievable steps using play as a tool as well as empowering parents to continue to build on their child’s development.  

Elliott is three and has Down’s Syndrome, was supported by our Southwark Home learning team:

“Pretty much everything that Elliott can do now is due to the help we received from our KIDS support worker Margje. Things like sitting, rolling, crawling – picking things up. Something as simple as turning pages was hard. Elliott was born with his fingers fused together, he’s had an operation to separate them, but it means that they are both over and under sensitive, so he can struggle with his hands.

It’s made all the difference for us – I feel like it should make all the difference for everyone else, but they just don’t have the resources. If they had more Margje's that would be amazing.”

As Christmas is now fast approaching, l would like to ask if you could consider sending us a gift - it costs just over £30 for one of our trained support staff to work with a child for a two-hour session.

If you can support us, we can ensure that we can keep on being there for the children and families, like Elliott, who rely on us for support.