I think KIDS is a very special charity, it’s why I became a Patron. 

I know, that like me, you already support KIDS and the work they are doing with over 15,000 families each year. Without support these families would really struggle to have the kind of normal lives that many of us take for granted.

Just this month Scope produced a report detailing the poverty faced by families with a disabled child. One fact jumped out at me:

“Families with disabled children face average extra costs of £581 per month.”

Trying to find almost £600 extra per month is a real struggle, and it makes an already tough life so much harder. On top of this, not everywhere is accessible, not everywhere is welcoming, not all schools will be able to cope with your child’s individual complexities. It is stressful, difficult and expensive.

This is why I am asking if you would help KIDS to keep on providing essential help and support to disabled children and their families -  it would make such a difference.

It’s a real privilege for me to meet the families who are trying desperately to hold it all together in very, very difficult circumstances. These are the families that you are supporting.

Your kindness is making a real and lasting difference. Thank you so much.

Cathy Newman

KIDS Patron, Journalist and Broadcaster