The Whole Hog

The Whole Hog is a 7- 8 mile off-road obstacle course in Suffolk.  A multi-discipline adventure course that will have you take on unexpected obstacles. One thing you can be sure to expect is lots of mud!

Your team will follow the course competing in a variety of tasks and challenges involving lots of mud, wading through water and overcoming difficult obstacles. Prepare yourselves for a tough but very fun event!

The Whole Hog is specifically designed for teams made up of three people, team categories consist of All Male, All Female and Mixed in both senior and veteran categories (note a veteran team is one where the combined age of the team is 120+); prizes will be awarded in each category.

Overall The Whole Hog offers so much more than just a race; each leg is set in a fantastic location, contains a set of uniquely designed challenges for each team, and makes for a truly memorable experience.

Take this challenge with friends, colleagues or brave this exciting challenge on your own. Are you tough enough? How about making teams of males against females?

An outdoor clothing kit will be provided upon booking. The participants should be over 18 years old.

Location: Suffolk
Target: £120
Registration: £35

For more information please send an email at

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